Press Conference – Obama=A Press=C No Substance

A press must ask substantive questions. President Obama has given much access to the media. It is imperative that the media ask the relevant question not only for our sake but to keep the fire on Obama to keep the fire on congress. President Obama’s preamble to the news conference was great but we have […]

Question For President Obama’s – Challenge Spending Curtailment

> Many conservatives are challenging government spending. They refuse to accept that government must play a role to be the spender of last resort when the free market is unable to do so because of inherent structural deficiency in the system. There is ample data to corroborate Keynesian economics. One need only review the chart […]

Obama on the Tonight Show – Goals Accomplished

The President used this week’s town halls and factory visits culminating with the tonight show to achieve what I believe are three specific goals. 1. Listen to the average citizen’s problems and tie them directly to his specific budgetary policies 2. Inoculate himself from missteps by stating categorically that he will make mistakes, acknowledge them […]

We need a single payer health care system

A for profit market based system for creating medicines, medical procedures, and medical devices is likely  the best way to ensure that we will realize innovations in medicine. That said, as a country we must decide if delivery of these health care services is more efficient with for profit insurance as opposed to a single […]