Fritura – A Panamanian Treat That Is Easy To Make

Fritura Panamanian Style

The thing I miss most about Panamá is the food. Luckily living in the Houston suburbs, arguably the most diverse city in the country, affords me my native foods less than 25 miles away. In this video I prepare 4 staples that are common in a meal we call fritura; fried just about everything.

The meal shown here includes:

  • Twice fried green plantains, a fruit similar to bananas.
  • Yuca (Cassava)(boiled & fried), a root that grows underground similar to potatoes but with a stronger taste.
  • Carimañola, ground beef encased in smashed yucca.
  • Salchichas, sausage links.

In Panamá these foods can be found cooked on just about every street corner in downtown Panamá City and Colón.

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