Thank You Andrew Breitbart For Making Shirley Sherrod A Catalyst To Debunk Right’s False Racist Narratives #p2 #tcot #teaparty

image America owes much gratitude to Andrew Breitbart. He opened the racism door so wide that doubtful whites were able to see in real time proof of a calculated racist attack by a Right Wing blogger and the established news organization FoxNews.

Prior to Breitbart’s release of the doctored tape of Shirley Sherrod’s speech at a banquet at the NAACP in March 2010, FoxNews and the Right Wing echo chamber had been successful in creating a false narrative of rampant reverse racism by the Obama administration.

  • They successfully used doctored tapes with racial overtones to force the community group ACORN out of business.
  • They successfully forced Van Jones an Obama appointee, to resign with subliminal racist and communist overtones.
  • They are attempting to make white America somehow a victim of an inconsequential group, The New Black Panthers, by accusing the Obama administration of not prosecution them for a perceived voter intimidation charge that even the conservative Bush appointee Abigail Thernstrom calls “fantasies”.
  • They had all guns firing on Shirley Sherrod doctored tape.

They were so sure that the Shirley Sherrod story was the one that would give them permanent inoculation on their racist proclivities that they threw caution to the wind. This mistake back fired and instead opened the door for real unbiased media to explore the entire Sherrod history which put racism in the proper context. First in no way could the so called reverse racism implied or assumed compare with the systemic racism of the past or present. Mostly it showed the resilience with which those who were the most affected by America’s racist past and present have reflected and taught themselves that irrespective of the evil faced, reciprocity in racist treatment is counterproductive and downright unrewarding.

Mr. Breitbart, thank you very much. You have successfully helped us ensure that America sees the evil, irrelevancy, and inconsistency of your movement.