Rush Limbaugh Is A Social Terrorist And A Racist –The Destructor of The American Fabric #p2 #tcot #teaparty

Rush Limbaugh is not only a racist and revisionist of history, he is a social terrorist. What makes Rush Limbaugh dangerous is that he has a following that is on the brink of desperation not because of any of President Obama’s policies, but because of policies instituted by the same Right Wing he represents.

The demise of the middle class was written when America adopted Reagan’s supply side economics, also known as Reaganomics, or Voodoo Economics (GHW Bush’s term for it).. By providing relatively low progressive taxes to the richest and gutting regulations on corporations, a corrupt climate was created that shifted income and wealth to the top 2% and encouraged the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base for further marginal profits.

President Obama’s goal to even the playing field is at the heart of the manufactured hatred the Right Wing puppets of the oligarchs and plutocrats like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News are expounding at both Progressives and the president. For the first time in our recent history, a large percentage of white blue collar men are unemployed with very little prospect for future meaningful or comparable employment.

The President presents all the requisites necessary to be scapegoated. He is a somewhat less than typical ethnic American with views that corporations and the wealthy must do their part. He is steward to an underperforming economy that was destroyed by the Right Wingers which should require sacrifice mostly by those who pilfered it in the first place but are resisting by using Rush Limbaugh & other puppets to revise history and divide to take American’s eyes off the real enemy.

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imageRush Limbaugh Rips Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation (AUDIO)

Adam J. Rose First Posted: 11-25-10 08:00 PM  

If the Christmas shopping season can start before Thanksgiving, so can "bah humbug" season.

Rush Limbaugh tried to rain on Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving Day parade, lashing out against a proclamation issued by the president to honor the national holiday and the story behind it.

He also went on the war path against Native Americans, calling for a look at the "scoreboard" of number of people killed since European settlers arrived, and insisting that "a bunch of Native Americans scammed us" in the deal to purchase Manhattan.

As found in the show’s transcript, Limbaugh interprets Obama’s version of events:

We were the invaders. The Indians are minding their own business. We were incompetent idiots. We didn’t know how to feed ourselves. So they came along and showed us how, and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Now, he says nothing about the Constitution in his Thanksgiving proclamation, because he’s got a problem with it … Every cliche that is wrong about Thanksgiving shows up in his proclamation

Obama did acknowledge George Washington, who declared the first nationally recognized Thanksgiving when the Constitution was enacted. Limbaugh didn’t further clarify why the document from 1787 required a mention, even though the holiday’s roots are generally traced back to at least 150 years earlier and it wouldn’t become a regular national holiday until more than 75 years later.

Insisting that he thought the presidential proclamation seemed like a "phony," "parody," "hoax" and "prank," Limbaugh then offered his own interpretation of the holiday’s significance:

[Obama] said that Thanksgiving is about the Indians saving us, with their agriculture and everything else. The true story of Thanksgiving is socialism failed. Of course we showed them gratitude! We shared our bounty with them, not because we didn’t know how to make it. It was because we first failed as socialists. Only when we turned capitalists did we have plenty. The Indians didn’t teach us capitalism.


Rush Limbaugh Rips Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation (AUDIO)