Rand Paul: Newt Gingrich ‘May Have More War Positions Than He’s Had Wives’. A Tea Party Stalwart Attacks FoxNews And Gingrinch In One Paragraph

  Freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tested his comedy act during a speech at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner on Wednesday night, taking aim at Newt Gingrich with an edgy joke comparing the former Speaker of the House’s recent flap over flip-flopping on his Libya stance to his number of wives. "I was happy to see […]

Presidential Proclamation–Cesar Chavez Day

We must know the country’s entire history and the sacrifices many have made to make us a better society. We should pause and understand what unions have accomplished not only for union workers but for all Americans of every stripe. We must not let the war on the middle class be effected through the unions […]

Bill Maher Says President Obama Executed Libya Policy Perfectly (VIDEO)

Bill Maher has given the most coherent narrative on President Obama’s action on Libya than any serious reporter or pundit. That our comedians are interpreting politics these days show the deficiency of our main stream media. This should give the news media pause. As comedians gain credibility they lose relevance. Their relevance is already marginal […]

Join us Wednesday April 6 for our Fundraising Kickoff!

Annise Parker has been a very good mayor that I will be supporting this cycle.   PLEASE JOIN the host committee and MAYOR ANNISE PARKER FOR A CAMPAIGN KICKOFF FUNDRAISER WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 5:30 pm — 7:30 PM FOUR SEASONS HOTEL 1300 LAMAR, houston RSVP: (713) 861-6464 AnniseParker.com/kickoff james@anniseparker.com If you are unable to attend, […]