Osama Bin Laden Didn’t Change America–Corporations and The Military Industrial Complex Did


This is a partial response to PunjabiPower’s CNN iReport titled "Osama’s Mystique and American Propaganda". It is time for Americans to stop being children and followers of their leaders blindly.
Just like the greed of corporations and the military industrial complex used the irresponsibility & gullibility of the Bush administration that nearly caused the demise and bankruptcy of the country, so will it be repeated the next time we are hit unless Americans become cognizant to the game.
After-all, is it not true that the terrorist are relatively small in numbers, scattered around dozens of countries, and posses no real weapons to hit us substantially in the US? This is not conducive to the type of expensive military with tanks and bombers we think of. It is not conducive to large marching armies. The operation conducted by the Obama administration, high in intelligence and sophistication with surgical force needed when the intelligence dictate.