DailyKos Interviewing Dan Pfeiffer Live Blogging (president’s Press Secretary)

President Press Secretary Dan Pfeiffer is being interviewed  by DailyKos now. He gave a short speech referencing a Huffington Post article stating he will be in the Lions Den. He got laughter.

When asked about a jobs bill he said there are many jobs to create bills.

In describing DADT DailyKos confronted Dan Pfeiffer on gays still being kicked out of the military. He said it will stop when the law goes into effect.

Pfeiffer said the president will keep his promise of not letting Lybia escalate into another large American military event.

When DailyKos asked about the war on women, Pfeiffer fought back and said the law of the land though it must be renewed every year will not be changed.

When asked if given women’s jump to no vote or GOP what would President do. He said he needs their vote and will support women’s program.

When asked about raising the eligibility age for Medicare, Pfeiffer did not commit to not raising it saying he would not negotiate on stage.

When asked when will the President respond forcefully when right against the GOP as he promised on letter to DailyKOS as a candidate. He said the president has just not necessarily stoop to the level of vitriol of the GOP and progressives should not.

Pfeiffer when asked about bipartisanship’s necessity, he said given the nature of the Congressional makeup it is necessary.

When asked about the President supporting the tax cuts last year, he said he had to given the Senatorial makeup because the tax increase absent that decision would have hurt the middle class.

Previously the president said he supported same sex marriage. Will the president evolve back to that position soon? Pfeiffer’s answer is stupid. He said his opinion is evolving. Discrimination is discrimination. Gays and lesbians will not vote for him absent his correct evolution.

Pfeiffer said the president supports the Wisconsin workers completely but h would not commit the president to put on his soft shoes and walk with themSmile.

On immigration he said the President must follow the law but will try every measure possible to support immigration reform.

If GOP does not accept pay roll tax cuts, Pfeiffer said he would try something else.

DailyKos to Pfeiffer: Is GOP holding President hostage on any other issues? “Laughter”.  He said he would get back to her on that.

DailyKos”: Palin/Bachman ticket? Pfeiffer: That would be consistent with today’s Republican Party.

GOP is now about Sharia Law, Repealing DADT, Repealing Healthcare Reform, Tax Cuts For The Rich, and so on.

DailyKOS stated that we are likely to vote Democrats. But what are you going to do for us to ensure we come out to vote. He said he does need the vote of the audience.

She asked about his return to Progressive values.  He intimated values had not changed.

Recess Appointment for Elizabeth Warren? President considering options.

When will President close Guantanamo. He said Netroots Nation can help by contacting their reps. It must have bipartisan support.

When Bush was in office with Democrats he got things done with executive orders and democratic support. Why can’t Obama. The Answer is obvious.

DKos: Is there anything the president can do without Congress. Pfeiffer: He has done many things like Stem Cells reform, etc with presidential orders.

Pfeiffer reads DailyKos, Talking Points Memo, and many others.

DKos: What will you tell the President about your visit with Netroots Nation? Pfeiffer: He will tell the President that Netroots Nation still likes him but is very frustrated. He got a lively applause.