April 18, 2015

Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz At Netroots Nation 2011

We had the honor of having the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party Debbi Wasserman Schultz during our lunch session at Netroots Nation 2011. She came with a very spirited disposition and chaired up the crowd. Contrary to what was reported by the Huffington Post which was a complete distortion of the truth, the Netroots Nation came out today stating categorically that they are voting their Progressive values and that means supporting the President and the Democratic party.

She stated that the Democratic Party will be running a grass root, face to face and online campaign on steroids. She said there will be smartphone apps to assist in targeting and there will be strong messaging.

The Chairwoman reiterated why we are not only Democrats but mostly Progressive Democrats. Progressives are the ones that protect the interest of all. It ensures that the middle class remains strong and viable.

All in all her reception was high spirited. There was no visible contempt for the President or the Party as intimated by many newspaper articles seeking to create dissention. It is evident that the corporate owners of our media are fearful that they may just lose enough plutocratic panderers that will ensure America’s wealth and income is fairly distributed.



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