Netroots Nations 2011: My First Day’s Experience

My first day experience at Netroots Nation 2011 was much better than I expected. Usually when I have gone to conferences the breakout sessions tended to be boring. The breakout sessions were extremely informing, entertaining, and interactive. My only regret is that I was not unable to split myself into 5 pieces as there were 5 breakouts in each time slot I actually wanted to attend.

Ultimately I prioritized and went to the ones I thought would give me the most information and teachings for engaging and assisting those in my community who may want to run for political office. Moreover there was a lot of information to give me insights on changing voters’ minds on why they should give progressive candidates their vote. After-all, it is demonstratively so that progressive values are more in line with the values of most Americans.

I was able to meet both America’s #1 Progressive Host & NY Times Bestselling Author Tom Hartmann and United Steelworkers Union President Leo Gerard. I also met radio host Sam Seder of the Majority Report. Of course I plugged my book with them all.

I attended the breakouts Numbers and Sense: Communicating about the Economy, Inside Baseball: Why Outside Groups Must Pay Attention to the Inside Game, Southern Caucus, African American Caucus, How to be the Media, Latino Caucus. I will view some of the others on the internet when the vlogs are posted.

All in all Progressive Activists should be attending this event if possible. When the word gets out on the class acts, leading activists, and the plethora of information to be absorbed gets out, I have no doubt it will continue to grow exponentially as the country’s premiere political activists event.