Netroots Nation Keynote Address By Minnesota Rep Keith Ellison #NN11

Minnesota Democratic Representative Keith Ellison gave a great keynote speech. He made a very important point to the Netroots that I hope resonated in the room and I hope it will resonate throughout the country. The “Yes We Can Movement” did not start with President Obama. It was in effect from the instantiation of Governor Dean’s 50 state strategy.

President Obama was the right vessel and continues to be the right vessel however banged, to continue the fight given his pragmatic view of the country. That said it is incumbent on the real Progressives to keep the pressure on the Obama administration even as they campaign, blog, donate, and support his re-election with the necessary passion to bring him and in that light us victory in November 2012.

No movement must depend on the success or failure of one man. Reinstituting real progressive values in this country that supports the middle class is dependent on all progressive including the President and not just the President.