Tarryl Clark Tells Her Story About Challenging Michelle Bachman in 2010 & Encouraging Women To Run

Tarryl Clark came to Netroots Nation to tell her story about women running for political office. She ran against Michelle Bachmann. During her campaign against Bachmann she raised a credible $5 million dollars from the grass roots. Unfortunately Michelle Bachmann spent $11 million dollars and went negative from day one of the campaign. It would have been difficult anyway in 2010 as it was one of those tsunami years that swept away any candidate in marginal districts.

Tarryl Clark is an endorsed candidate of the Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF). After listening to her at Netroots Nation it is obvious why. She demonstrated a poise and even headedness that everyone wants in the politician representing them.

Once you listened to her speaking a most important quality is immediately evident, her selflessness. When a negative mailer hit the citizens in the district she was campaigning for, her first thought was not the campaign; it was her children. How was this going to affect her boys? I am sure if she was sitting in Congress she would be thinking; how will those GOP proposed draconian cuts affect that elderly woman in my district? How will those GOP proposed draconian cuts affect the student, the care giver, and the unemployed in my district?

It is evident that Tarryl Clark’s empathy unlike Michelle Bachmann’s supersedes ideology. That is what is lacking on the other side. Their ideology trumps humanity and morality.

On May 8, 2011, Tarryl Clark announced that she was seeking the DFL nomination for Minnesota’s 8th district in 2012. Given her past experience as State Senator in Minnesota’s 15th Senate district and given her ascension to Assistant Majority Leader, her qualification for the position obvious. Tarryl Clark is the type of congressperson Washington needs.