Economist Richard Wolff: Capitalism Hits The Fan

Professor Richard Wolff’s Capitalism Hits The Fan is likely the best presentation of the lead up to the financial crisis and beyond in a manner that the average American citizen can understand. It has not gotten the exposure warranted. Many will oppose his exposé because he breaks the indoctrination. No longer must one believe that unfettered capitalism is some sort of panacea.

The Right Wing echo chamber is buying time by creating many boogeymen, side issues, and bait and switch policies with the expectation that the American citizens will conclude that the economic failures are caused by some left leaning president. Interesting enough our President has so far maintained most of the policies of unfettered capitalism that uncorrected will likely lead us down a path of further demise.

Interestingly the original video was made at the start of the financial collapse. It is amazing that much of what he said has been validated by the state of today’s economy and financial system.

This video is long. It is advised that you get a cup of coffee, sit back, and go for the ride. His presentation is gripping. Even if one is cognizant of much of the material, his presentation is instructive. It provides a narrative necessary to make the material easier to grasp by the masses.