Texas GoV Perry Is Directly Responsible For The $27Billion STate Deficit Yet Still Get Positive Press


Republicans warned Texas Governor Perry that his reduction of property taxes in exchange of a margin tax would not raise the loss revenue from the reduction in property taxes. Additionally Democrats warned him as well. Perry still used his influence to force the reduction in property taxes and with that created an ongoing structural deficit […]

Podcast Of My Show “Politics Done Right” 2011-08-27


Regular Panel: Evan Carroll – A Software Developer and Political Activist in Kingwood, TX Andy Meyer – A young man disillusioned with the political climate and direction of the country Special Guests: You, our listeners This Week’s Topics Enough is Enough March on Washington (October 26th, 2011) progress report The riots in the UK a […]

Parents and Security

The article written by Alonso Kramer My parents are getting up in years. I do not live near them and I am so grateful for unlimited long distance because I call them every day, sometimes twice a day. They are still alert and very active for their ages, but I feel they need additional safety […]