Kingwood Observer Article (2011-09-28) American Jobs Act Is Just A Start

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I have already gotten a lot of response from this article. Some folks have called me a socialist, some a fascist (though they are mutually exclusive) and every name in between. The reality is that we, Americans must learn to feel better about ourselves and vote and act accordingly.

We have been taught to have a slave mentality by corporate America. We are made to believe that somehow those that control capital are worth more than those who make the society run. Our teachers, our scientists, our doctors, our engineers, our sanitation workers make society run. The manipulators of capital do not. Yes the system favors them and it is for that reason that business schools are bursting at the seams even as the academic fortitude of said degrees are nowhere as rigorous as the sciences or the education departments.

Americans must wake up and ensure that they take what they are worth out of the American pie and not allow a mind in chains controlled by the manipulators of capital to prevail. The reason I wrote the book “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom” is to dispel the brainwashing we have endured. I believe in capitalism as a tool for humanity, not an ideology or god. It is manmade and like any manmade procedure must be adjusted to fulfill man’s needs. Absent that we get the America of today. We get Class Warfare where the working class are nothing but indentured servants and commodities to those who hoard capital.

imageMany regular Americans will be travelling to Washington DC on October 29th, 2011 where the advocacy group Coffee Party USA will be conducting a peaceful rally called Enough Is Enough Citizens Intervention. I will be there.

Why don’t you come with us to assert that we are in fact the government. Visit the site and sign up to attend or to learn how you can make October 29th special in your area. We have got to start somewhere.

Kingwood Observer(American Jobs Act Just Start))