Class Warfare Gingrich Style

imageI have read that killers say that the first time they murdered someone it was very difficult. As they killed more, the sting of that evil act eventually disappeare­d. It became a matter of fact.

Republican­s for a long time has been implicitly demonizing the middle class. As the Occupy Movement began to metastasiz­e their vitriolic statements on the participan­ts became more a more prevalent. I am sure that in the beginning they regretted much of what they said. After all we all have relatives in this economy in bad shape. Problem is as they kept saying these things in their small circle of Right Wing activist it felt more and more normal as they received cheers. Problem is that that is not the average American.

Now Newt simply cannot see that having poor kids as janitors in of itself is not bad but the connotatio­n that their class dictate that that is the job they could, would, or should have is the classic manifestat­ion of Class Warfare as well as staying within one’s "caste"

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