April 1, 2015

Interview Of Lois McGee Texas Team Leader For The Unite Against The War On Women Rally.

2012-03-24_17-10-37_566On March 24th, 2012 I had the honor of interviewing Lois McGee, Texas Team leader for the “Unite Against The War On Women Rally” that will be occurring in every Capitol of the 50 states in our nation. I performed the interview in a Starbucks in Austin, Texas.

This is a real grass root movement that is growing exponentially on Facebook and through many websites including http://www.wowtex.org. Women all over our country are getting together to fight back the continual attacks on their freedom of choice, their freedom of health, their freedom of contraception, as well as years of disrespect from those that purport to govern this country.

In a country where women are more than 51% of the vote, why is their pay 71% that of a man. Why are there not 51% of legislators’ women? Why are laws written for women being written by men?

I am proud to note that we will have several buses from Houston leaving to the rally in Austin Texas including one sponsored by a generous couple from the Kingwood Area Democrats.

The date of the rally is fast approaching. It is time now to start finalizing plans. It is time now to let those men that are marginalizing women to see a mobilization that instill fear in them. It is time that women and men begin the process to remove every legislator from office that voted for those arcane bills that infringed on women’s rights, that infringed on women’s health, and infringed on women’s freedom.



Date: April 28th, 2012

Time: 4:00 PM

Place: Texas State Capitol Building,

Austin, Texas



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