Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-04-28) (VIDEO)

2012-04-28_09-46-24_932 Occupy Kingwood at week 19, growing, strong, and continually effective. This week we had many missing as it it’s the Saturday of Unite Against The War On Women Rally in Austin Texas.

That notwithstanding, we had an effective Occupy and engaged a few people from their cars. Most notable was a man shouting from his car that 48% of Americans do not pay taxes. We made sure to correct him relative to the many taxes all Americans pay and all the taxes corporations and the wealthy unpatriotically avoid, thus putting our country’s financial health in further peril.

I left Occupy Kingwood early to get on the bus to the War On Women rally at our Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas. There were many Occupy Kingwood members rallying for our women.

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