War On Women Rally In Austin Video – Interviews, Speech Highlights, and Voyage

On April 28th it all came together. The work paid off. Thanks to the work of many in Houston three buses and a van along with hundreds carpooling left Houston Texas to the Texas Capitol in Austin for the War On Women Rally.

Many thanks must be given to the Houston leaders of this event. We thank Diane Mosier and Kingwood Area Democrat Andrea Gardner for their continuous work in promoting the event around Houston and for getting donations from several unions. Their work was immeasurable. Andrea Gardner even did a stint at promoting the event at KPFT.

Houston Group Photo 2012-04-28_17-51-27_861Kingwood Area Democrats Angelo and Susana Palma were instrumental in getting a North bus which they generously underwrote. When it was clear we had to get a van, Angelo Palma volunteered to drive. In addition the Palmas provided the North bus with more than enough snacks and drinks. Kingwood Area Democrat Deborah Mowrey provided the North bus with very stylish goodie bags filled with snacks as well as several cases of water.

This type of selfless cooperation from those mentioned above and from many not mentioned is what makes democracy work, people taking the lead to make things happen. We must not forget some of the early supporters and originators of this movement like Lois McGee who I interviewed early on and Julie Burns who came onto my Coffee Party USA radio show Politics Done Right on April 14th, 2012.

Checkout the video below. It is a compression of the entire twelve hour event for those traveling from Houston to Austin and back in 24 minutes.  It includes bus activities, interviews with participants from both Houston and other cities in Texas, and most importantly highlights from the great speakers at the event.



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