Bin Laden’s Death: One Year Later–Learn The Facts! Obama Should Tout His Success

This week, Americans across the country are coming together to mark the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death. In contrast, right-wing figures and GOP politicians are downplaying the significance of the moment and belittling the President’s decision that brought bin Laden to justice.

Bringing bin Laden to justice was an important victory for all Americans and the world.

imageBringing Osama bin Laden to justice was a victory for America in our fight against terrorism. President Obama made bin Laden a top priority, made the tough call, and got it right. The President’s leadership and the hard work of our intelligence and military community brought bin Laden to justice.

Military officials, national security experts, and people around the world praised Obama’s leadership and our troops’ bravery in taking down bin Laden and striking a blow at the heart of Al Qaeda. The President’s decision to refocus intelligence and defense capacity on current threats and combating terrorism not only got bin Laden — it has weakened terrorists around the globe.

We must remain vigilant against terrorism. With this achievement we once again affirm the strength of the United States — our Constitution and our values are greater than any terrorist threat.


ATTACK: "Going after bin Laden in Pakistan was an easy call that any president would’ve made."

ATTACK: "President Obama is spiking the football by talking about bin Laden’s death."

  • Having brought bin Laden to justice was a victory for all Americans. The President’s talking about it on the one year anniversary because that’s a president’s job in moments of national reflection.
  • It isn’t partisan to say that this President’s leadership was key to taking down bin Laden and decimating Al Qaeda. It’s called running on your record.
  • The President’s political opponents are the ones trying to score political points by downplaying the hard work, leadership, and determination that got the job done.

ATTACK: "Torture works — that’s how we got the information we needed to get bin Laden."


According to recent polling, voters said President Obama was stronger than Romney on national security and foreign policy issues by a double-digit margin.