Meet Texas Democratic Party’s Promesa Project Fellows (VIDEO)

clip_image001Austin–The Texas Democratic Party today released a five-minute video introducing their student Fellows participating in their Latino engagement program – the Promesa Project. The Fellows discuss the project, what motivated them to apply and why young people should be involved in politics. Fellows were selected from eight campuses across the state which have both large Latino enrollment and are in areas where an increase in Latino turnout could play a pivotal role. These campuses are UTEP, UT, UTSA, UTB, UTPA, TAMIU, UH, and Del Mar College.

“After almost a year developing this project it’s incredibly exciting to finally have these Fellows on the ground putting the plan into action,” said Anthony Gutierrez, advisor to the TDP. The Promesa Project Fellows are a very talented group of young Latinos that are eager to help turn Texas blue. I have no doubt that among this group are some future leaders of our Party and our state.”


Student fellows are primarily asking their peers to give their promesa that they will vote Democratic and talk to their family and friends about voting Democratic. They are currently registering voters, recruiting volunteers, organizing campus events, using social media and speaking at local meetings.

“Republicans seem eager to quash the little support they have from Latinos,” said TDP spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña. “There is simply no comparison between our Democratic values and the hostile rhetoric coming from the Republicans Party. On every issue that’s important to Latinos, Democrats are better.. We’re excited that our Fellows will be communicating that very message across the state.”

“The Democratic Party is the Party for Latinos. It’s the Party that protects the interests of Latinos and supports the DREAM Act.”- UT Austin Fellow Justin Perez.

“Through the Promesa Project I can tell my community about the Republican war on women.” -UT Brownsville Fellow Cristina Garcia.

“The Promesa Project is the political backlash to the failed Republican policies that negatively impact Hispanic communities.” – Del Mar College Fellow Sam Caceres

“I feel privileged to be a part of the Promesa Project. Latinos are in charge of their political destiny and need to vote.”- UT El Paso Fellow Nacho de Santiago

“Young people will soon represent our country and we need to ensure that our voices heard. The Promesa Project is a really good way for us to make a difference now.” – UH Fellow Maria Virginia Ivañez

“Being the first inaugural class for the Promesa Project is a great start towards making Texas blue. This project is exactly what the State of Texas needs at this moment. – UT San Antonio Fellow Jonathan Turrubiates

“Politics affects young people directly. We’re going to work to get people registered to vote and make a change in our state.” – TAMIU Fellow Arnoldo Alonso

“Young people need to participate politically. I work with a group of students from low-income families. It’s going to be very difficult for me to explain to them that there might not be enough assistance for them to go to college because of budget cuts.” – UT Pan American Fellow Sandi Aguilar

Click here to see a comparison between the platform of the Texas Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Texas.

The Promesa Project is based around research which indicated that young Latinos are increasingly the trusted sources of political information in their families and that more young people are now getting their news online. Based on those findings, the projects seeks to use a combination of grassroots and online outreach to engage young Latinos and recruit them to be the Democratic Party’s trusted messengers to their family and friends.