Unemployment Report And Bad Analysis–I am pissed–Rant With Me

imageYes! I am pissed. I am tired of seeing these puny unemployment reports. I am tired of hearing the Republicans complain that our President somehow has more control on the economy than he does.

It is not the President that destroyed and is continuing the destruction of the middle class. It is our implementation of poorly regulated unfettered capitalism. It is that we give more worth to those who move capital and produce nothing tangible or beneficial for our society. It is that we have made the market an inhumane god that we continue to worship. It is that as Americans we continue to behave as if we are inflicted with battered woman or battered man syndrome. We find it difficult to find our own self-worth and in that failure we look to those that claim to have the answers yet are no more than the perpetrators of our downfall.

We believe the crap they tell us.

  • Hey, get a reverse mortgage. You still own your home even as you get money from us. And it is guaranteed that if we go under the big bad government will make you whole.
  • The banks should be providing loans to students not the government. The banks will collect those fees and interest. But if the student defaults the big bad government will make the ban whole.

Come on America. Let’s start thinking for ourselves and make The Koch brothers, FoxNews, and Karl Rove irrelevant. Aren’t you pissed!! You should be.