President Barack Obama’s Remarks at the Ready to Go Rally in Columbus, Ohio

imageThis was a very good speech that President Obama gave in Ohio, a swing state. He did a good job in detailing where we came from. He is making the election a choice not a referendum on the economy.

The Republicans would love to make the election a referendum on the economy that they originally destroyed with supply side economics and regulatory malpractice. The reality is I would love the election to be on both. I think Americans can only make an intelligent choice if they are made to understand the clear and present danger the Republican Party and Mitt Romney in particular are to the well being of the country and to America’s families

There instituting of a Paul Ryan type budget is exactly what the United Kingdom, Spain, and other Europeans are doing with catastrophic results. They are all now in a double dip recession. The difference is that the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan budget would be the European Austerity model on steroids. Make no mistake, the intent is to depress American wages and wealth to normalize it with the rest of the world in order to maximize profits for a few at the same time making workers nothing but a controlled commodity one step away from indentured servitude.

Americans must stay focus and not fall for the onslaught of focus group tested misinformation that will be released by the right. There is a reason Republicans continuously cut education. They want private laissez faire education they can use to control minds.

When President Obama took the stage in Columbus on September 5th, 2012, we didn’t just see an excellent speech.

We saw why he’s running for a second term. And why we need to keep him in the White House.

Because, as the President laid out, this election comes down to who will leave our country better and stronger four years from now. And the choice couldn’t be clearer.

You really should watch the President’s speech:

There’s a lot to do in the next six months. The outcome will affect us for decades to come.
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