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This was an eventful week. President Obama came out in full support of gay marriage. We found out that Mitt Romney was not only a corporate bully. He was also a bully while in school. North Carolina codified discrimination in their constitution. We will discuss all of this with you.

Billy Sears
Coffee Party USA

Diane Owens
Coffee Party USA

David Cobb
Move To Amend

Ashley Sanders
Move To Amend

We will have special guests in the first hour. We will have Billy Sears discussing National Party Day. We will have Diane Owens discussing local organizing in Texas and throughout the country. We will also have David Cobb and Ashley Sanders discussing all the great grassroots efforts in mobilizing for constitutional repeal of Citizens United and more.

Call me at (646)929-2495. We will discuss local organizing both by Coffee Party and Move to Amend. Then we will get into the weeks events.

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