Link To Our Saturday’s Occupy Kingwood Video Made It On US Main Page

imageEven as our local media is not covering our Occupy Kingwood weekly event, the video of this week’s event was picked up by CNN. A link to it is currently featured on the US main page.

imageThis was our 21st consecutive week of Occupy Kingwood. Every week seem to be a bit more eventful. Today was graduation day at Kingwood’s Lone Star College. As such many of our regular students and professors were absent. Moreover some of our members headed over to senatorial candidate Sean Hubbard and another congressional candidate’s fund raiser.


I thought in order to fulfill our goal of 52 consecutive weeks (1 year), rain or shine of occupying that corner to show a commitment to change at all cost, I may be out there by my lonesome. Well, the Kingwood Area Democrats, the 99%centers, Social Democrats, Coffee Party among others showed their presence and altogether we had a full house. A little voice in the back of my head told me to bring the same amount of donuts and it’s a good thing I did.

What is interesting is we had more people than usual park their cars after seeing us out and actually joining us. Our persistence is making a difference where it counts, the grassroots. People are engaging us without us getting much media coverage.

Had we been the Tea Party or any other Right Wing vociferous group, the local, city, and national media would be all over this story. We are the only movement in the country that has staked an informational occupy of this type for this long without incident and with mostly positive reviews from our surroundings. We ensure we leave the location we occupy generally cleaner than we found it and we engage in a respectful manner with all those that engage us. The vast majority of our occupiers are professionals, students, homemakers, and business owners. It is proof positive that our mainstream media is broken and biased.

The country must be informed that those that are intent on changing the direction to ensure the survival of the middle class are not a bunch of losers and those looking for handouts. They are clear thinking citizens who break through the minutia and analyze that which ails the nation with the intent to do something about it.

image My Book: As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom