March 28, 2015

Romney Had A Job Where Creating Jobs Was Not An Objective & Wants A Job Conservatives Say Does Not Create Jobs.

imageEvery so often someone says something in a very short form that is tight and concise. Last night Joy-Ann Reid said it in classic form on MSNBC’s The Ed Show.


Paraphrased: Listen to Video For Exact Quote

“Romney Had Job Where Creating Jobs Not An Objective & Wants Job Conservatives Say Does Not Create Jobs.”


What is funny is that inasmuch as the Republican party claims to despise government, they sure invest a whole lot of resources to get there. It should be obvious by now that their goal is never really job creation but instead to ensure that government serves the whims of those that have acquired substantial wealth.

Have you ever noticed that these guys only want government when they are in dire straits or when they want to extract capital?

During the collapse of the financial sector they wanted government to make them whole. Not just save the economy but ensure their losses were minimized. They wanted their losses socialized. Yet they do not want the government to regulate the financial sector to prevent this occurrence again.

Romney says government is intrusive and over regulative. He believes much should be left to the states. Yet he wants a constitutional amendment to deny equal rights to marriage. This position is of course a cynical position to ensure evangelicals continue to vote against their own financial interest.

But I digress. I continue to be frustrated by the national media conflating the Venture Capital firms and Private Equity firms. The former is has helped many companies capitalize and turn into successful ventures. The latter is what my Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry call vulture capitalism because it is analogous to activity of vultures on a dying body.

This election must be fact based. Both candidates have a vision for the country that is diametrically opposed to each other. Over the next few weeks I will continue to lay out the facts. While I am biased towards President Obama’s policies I understand that some Americans believe in a smaller government with much less services and a more laissez faire private sector.

It is important that truth be provided on past policies, how they have affected the middle class, and how they will evolve going forward. Only then can American objectively make an informed choice. We have elected too many presidents based completely on faulty information.


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