Just Received My Latest Hate Mail From A Sarah Palin, Gun Loving, God Clinging Admirer

Guys, take a look at my latest hate mail. It really makes one wonder how the mind of the writer is wired. This is in fact the result of very effective Fox News, Right Wing Blogs, and Right Wing Talk Radio mis-education.

If the author of the hate mail below happens to also read my blog, which I believe he/she does, rest assured the policies I along with those that are my partners in positive activism for the middle class advocate, are in your interest as well. We are not commies, free loaders, or anti-America. The Right Wing needs you to believe that so you can vote against the interest of yourself, your family, and your country.

Be cognizant of the fact that inasmuch as we have had several severe downturns, the top one percent has progressively gotten richer recession or not. They have done this on your back in a deceptive manner. They have exported our jobs to exploit cheap labor for trinkets you buy even as they force your pay lower. They have created a tax system that taxes the working man at a higher marginal rate than the man who simply play the stock market casino. They have done that because your politicians, Republicans and some Democrats are bought and paid for.

Please consider reading the book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won The Heart Of America”.

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