Wisconsin Loss Would Be A Loss For Union & Non-Union Workers & A Roadmap To Indentured Servitude

imageOne need not wonder why the “Corporatocracy” has gone all out to ensure a Governor Walker victory. A victory for Barrett would embolden a working class that has been depressed by our current economic depression and fearful of doing anything to upset the “job creators”. After all, just maybe if you play nice they will bring the jobs back.

The reality is that these “job creators” are sitting on a whole lot of cash and profits. They have decided to hold America hostage. The mainstream media will never say that so I will. Corporate America has purchased the Republican Party and Blue Dog Democrats to ensure that no substantive tax policies, social policies, or economic policies are effected.

Inasmuch as we got the Affordable Car Act, they are attempting to prevent it from being effected. Inasmuch as corporations are refusing to invest in job creation in America, they ensure no substantive job bill is passed even though our infrastructure is approaching third world status.

How can they get a win in Wisconsin? They simply pump dollars into the state. They create an alternate reality where they simply lie and state that because of Walker’s policies, jobs were created. They associate those that want the recall with a group no one wants to be associated with. These are quotes from a Barrett & a Walker supporter in the New York Times article “Recall Election Could Foretell November Vote

Among the voters, the sides are stark and, more than a year after tens of thousands of protesters marched around the State Capitol in Madison, surprisingly raw.

“We don’t want the state taken over by the Koch brothers,” said Mary Jean Nicholls, a former teacher, referring to Charles and David Koch, billionaire industrialists who are among Mr. Walker’s supporters.

Craig Dedo, a computer consultant and Walker supporter, said the race boiled down to one question: Who runs Wisconsin? “The Democrats and the unions, who are the takers?” he asked, “or the Republicans, the party of the private sector and the people who pay the bills?”

What jumps out at me is that the computer consultant equates Democrats and Unions as takers and the Republican Party as the party of the private sector and people who pays the bills. That is how effective marketing works. Make “the other” an entity you simply would not want to be. Then create a class, however fictitious, that is the bastion of worth, independence, and good will.

What the computer consultant fails to realize is a vote for Walker is a vote against his interest. A vote for Walker is a vote for an ideology that believes in the supremacy of a rigged market that values humans as nothing but a commodity. This consultant does not understand that these guys support bills to import high skilled computer workers that will both depress his wages and price him out of a job? He does not realize that while unions fight for higher wages and benefits, that fight also forces the private sector to raise their rates as well. This is the specific reason why the Right wants to kill unions.

Who is to advocate for good wages, benefits, and working environment for the average American worker if not unions. Even corporations have unions. The Chamber of Commerce is a union. Every business trade organization that lobbies for a group of corporations is a union.

One must remember that businesses have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize their profits. In a world where workers have no rights (right to work states) their wages are depressed. As their wages are depressed their purchasing power is depressed. As their purchasing power is depressed less money circulates in the economy. As less money circulates in the economy we get America 2012.

Corporations do not have to worry about a depressed America, their market is the world. They extract as much capital out of any given country and then they move on to the next. If you doubt that then make a visit to the infrastructure build out in the emerging countries even as we stagnate.

To be blunt, a win for Scott Walker is a notch closer to the American worker’s path to indentured servitude. The President, the Democratic Party, and ALL middle class centric organizations have erred in not engaging in this race in a full throated manner. President Clinton praising Romney’s business acumen , Cory Booker defending Bain Capital, and Governor Rendell extoling the benefits of vulture capitalism show where the power currently lies in this country. That three “Progressives” thought they needed to defend those that extract capital from the middle class even as they provide no service or product to society says it all.

President Obama would do well to take of his dressy shoes, put on some comfortable walking shoes, head to Wisconsin, and walk with the people. This could be a turning point not only in the 2012 election but a turning point for the plight of the working middle class.



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