Working Middle Class America–Country’s Direction Is Really Your Choice


ObamaRomneyI honestly believe that both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are good men. Both of these guys have stable nuclear families. Both of these guys have been married to the same person. Both of these guys show a love for their children with words unnecessary.

These guys differ however in external values. President Obama is inherently empathetic while Mitt Romney seems incapable of being so. I do not think being wealthy makes one incapable of empathy, after all FDR was a very empathetic guy. What I perceive to be this singular flaw is my biggest fear of Mitt Romney.

Yesterday both President Obama and Governor Romney gave major campaign speeches. As someone who follows politics in depth it was a sad day. I am a liberal and a Democrat. I prepared myself for both speeches by listening to Romney as an informed Republican and to the President’s speech as an informed Democrat. In other words I listened to Romney with the pretext of wanting taxes as low as responsibly possible, regulations as low as responsibly possible, and as someone that prefers privatization as much as possible. This was hard but I did it.

Governor Romney’s speech was first. Two minutes after he began I knew the speech would have little truth in it. It is disingenuous in a serious speech to say the stimulus that provable prevented us from falling over a cliff and for measurably creating jobs did not work. It is disingenuous to accuse our President as a tax and spend liberal when in this administration taxes are lower, government spending absent stimulus and increasing cost of debt is lower, and he is weak on protecting America or apologizing for America when all the data proves the contrary. He says President Obama is anti business yet businesses are recording record profits and are sitting on a pile of cash (trillions) not invested in America. This makes any proposal he offers suspect. But I will get to that later.

Romney Speech


Romney Fact Check

The first part of President Obama’s speech was excellent. It was pretty much a deconstruction of Mitt Romney’s & Paul Ryan’s budget proposals and what it would mean to the discretionary spending portion of the budget (the parts that affect you and me directly) and entitlements. He surely made this speech a fact checkable speech and it held up pretty well. Unfortunately the second party of the speech was long and did not present what I believe is a selling point of the true intent of government, the government he wants to preside over in a second term. While he gave his standard speech on fairness and spreading the pain, an advertised speech would have been better if it included personalization of his vision to every individual American. I understood what he was talking about however I doubt that voter in Appalachia saw him talking to them inasmuch as he was (hey I learned some of this stuff at Netroots Nation 2012 in creating narrative that gets the truth across).

President Obama Speech

These two men have two different plans and visions for America. Neither is wrong. However the outcome of each creates two different Americas. The question is which America you want to live in. The biggest problem is that even when I put my unbiased cap on, the attempted sale of the Mitt Romney plan to America is based mostly on lies. We could have a real debate if each side detailed truthfully their plan.

While President Obama is vague as well with specifics (mostly because some of the pain he wants to offer will likely include entitlement cuts) of his plan, Mitt Romney’s is simply fiction. You cannot lower taxes, increase the military, and decrease the budget deficit at the same time. As Noble Prize winning economist Paul Krugman says, it is a fraud.

Working middle class America should decide the presidency. Big money advertising can only make a difference if you decide to abrogate your duty to be informed citizens. Do not allow these politicians on either side to snow you. If you do not understand a position research and ask. You can always leave comments with questions. I promise unbiased and truthful answers.

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