Move to Amend Salt Lake City Exposing The Evils Of “Corporations Are People” Doctrine

imageMove to Amend Salt Lake City is spreading the evils of Corporate Personhood through street theater, educating onlookers to the atrocities of corporate rule and its influences on our democracy. I cannot wait until they move this project nationally.

They entertain with an otherwise boring subject that has severe impact on every American’s life. They call the skit Bread & Circus. The name has a very important meaning that resounds to the present. The story is that old empires used to control their populous by giving them just enough bread to survive and then sedate them with entertainment.

This sounds pretty familiar. Does the addictive entertainment of reality TV, crap in tabloids elevated to importance, and the empty entertainment sound familiar? Is this not obvious as well with entertainment masquerading as news and/or breaking news? Big Brother, The Kardashians, and all the empty shows or shows that detect the most depraved is illustrative.

Ashley Sanders, one of the protagonists is on the Executive Committee of the national Move To Amend Coalition. For more information on our goal of amending the constitution to specifically state that corporations are not people and that money is not speech visit