Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-06-30)

2012-06-30_09-40-35_726We’ve completed 28 consecutive weeks of Occupy Kingwood. We are well on our way to complete our 52 consecutive weeks at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Parkway. We do this every Saturday between 9 AM and 10:30 AM.

I am still amazed that neither of our local newspapers papers (Kingwood Observer and The Tribune) has published this long running event. We have been interviewed and videotaped by at least one of their reporters. This is disturbing because it does a disservice to our community. I am sure many of the residents of Kingwood who pass by would be interested in knowing what is going on in the community and would benefit from a professional interview from these papers of many of our weekly participants. We have gotten national coverage on the front page of CNN’s website and other venues yet our residents have been denied a local source. We discussed this issue today in the context as to why Americans remain misinformed. It starts with how our media covers news and sometimes it seems deliberate.

This week we did not have to endure the extreme heat. Of course it meant we were partly in the rain. We do this however with resolve as our goal is to make a statement by showing our resolve to share truth irrespective.

We have a few people stop by. One young lady with her daughter said we were misguided but refused to engage in an intellectual conversation on the actual issues. We also had a Tea Partier stop by. While his initial stance was a bit belligerent, when we got him to actually listen through an unbiased prism he was ready to talk. What was interesting is he found out we had more in common with respect to what we knew ailed the country. We discussed “Fast and Furious”, Business, and corruption. He was misinformed specifically on “Fast and Furious” and when Dr. Theis and Professor Davis calmly, tactfully, and factually gave him the information on both gun policies and other realities. He was in agreement and promised to read the authoritative story on “Fast and Furious”.

We only had the adults today. Our students/stalwarts were not there today. We cannot complain as they have held down the fort many times in our absence.

If you live in our community come on by and join us or just come on by to talk issues. We are sure you will find it enlightening.

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