March 31, 2015

Mitt Romney’s Policies Are Diametrically Opposed to The Countries He Visited


I wish the media would give the Romney International trip more context. Here are some interesting facts that should have been within the narrative of the media. He chose Great Britain, Israel, and Poland as the countries to visit. It is quite ironic that all the countries Mitt Romney visited provide universal healthcare. Israel specifically uses around 8% of GDP on healthcare and has better outcomes than America. The article from Forbes in the post below details the Israeli system as well as Romney’s endearment to it in a speech while there. Poland and Great Britain covers all of their citizens as well. Interesting enough this guy who simply shows a despise for unions wasn’t so anti-union in his praise of Poland. Solidarity, a worker’s union generally opposed by Romney and Republicans were instrumental in Polish freedom. I don’t need to go further into social safety nets etc. The Romney of Massachusetts may be a more credible candidate. The Romney of the Right Wing is a complex act to follow. LIKE My … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Documentary Discussing His Mormon Religion And More–Must See


  Let me be clear, ideally religion should not be a part of the political discourse. I said that when President Obama was running and the Right Wing made a caricature out of then respected Reverend Wright for comments mostly taken out of context. Unfortunately the notoriety subsequently got to Wright’s head and he made a fool of himself at the Press Club. Mitt Romney however through his surrogates and his own intimation has attacked the President’s Americanism, culture, and morals. As such, I will spear no mercy in the examination of Romney’s record and his church connections. After-all, he was not just a member of the Mormon Church but a Bishop in the church. As such he has opened himself to the question of whether his allegiance to the church supersedes his allegiance to the country (note I said allegiance to his church and not allegiance to his God). Whenever I talk about Romney’s religion I feel compelled to state that my mother is a Mormon. While I have an extreme bias against the religion … [Read more...]

Wealthy Justifiably Scared – What Will Masses Do When They Have Nothing More To Lose


Many continue to believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement was just a movement in passing. While many in the middle class do not believe it was very successful, there is something that I know. The reason you see the inordinate amount of money in this election and the reason many in the wealthy class, Democrat or Republican are supporting Mitt Romney overtly or covertly is fear. Many of the wealthy have been accumulating capital not by producing more, not by being innovative, not by doing anything of societal value, but by manipulating markets and politicians. They have created financial instruments that simply make money off of money. They have used this capital to misinform Americans to vote against their own interest. Every year middle class America see a decline in their income and their wealth as a select few reap the rewards of said pilfer. Sadly our current media is unable and unwilling to tell the story. They have allowed some of our wealthy (the Plutocracy) to create narratives that pit middle … [Read more...]

Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-07-28)


Occupy Kingwood VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL We’ve completed 32 consecutive weeks of Occupy Kingwood. 20 weeks to our 52 consecutive week goal to maintain our political informational occupy of the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Parkway. We do this every Saturday between 9 AM and 10:30 AM. It was excruciatingly hot. Everyone was sweating bullets but we remain rain or shine, heat or cold. Our weekly commentary by our stalwarts was extremely well said especially based on … [Read more...]

Obamacare Will Solve Stories like Adam Francois American Healthcare Nightmare (REAL STORY)


Obamacare Will Solve Stories like Adam Francois American Healthcare Nightmare (REAL STORY) I was at a friend’s office when Tyler Francois mentioned in passing that his brother Adam Francois was in an accident a few weeks ago. I do not remember in what context he told me that, however he said that his brother’s bill was in excess of $300,000. The number got my attention immediately. I asked if his brother had health insurance. He said he did not. I then asked him if his brother was employed. After he said yes I knew I was listening to a story that needed to be told. You see, Tyler’s brother is your typical young adult in America who had an unfortunate incident happen to him that will affect him for the rest of his life. This incident has potentially changed the entire outcome of his life financially and likely in many other ways. I asked Tyler to ask his brother if he would allow me to interview him for a CNN iReport. He said he would. A few hours later he texted me and said his brother agreed. … [Read more...]

Coffee Party Radio: Obamacare rebate, Medicare for all, Tax Returns Sat 12–2PM Central

Egberto Willies Radio Politics Done Right

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern Call In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495   This week I will cover the following topics. I got Obamacare Rebate/price drop. Did You? Should Obamacare evolve to Medicare for all? Should workers benefit from record profits? Should candidates release 10 years tax returns? Listen And Chat <Here> at your computer or smartphone Please call me at (646)929-2495 let us discuss these issues. I want to hear and discuss ALL points of views. Listen And Chat Here at your computer or smartphone Join My Coffee Party Group Americans for Racial Equality and Economic Justice LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Healthcare: America – Best Money Can buy Taiwan – Best Everyone Can Afford –Merge Them


I was doing my daily scan of the news both at the Huffington Post, CNN.com, and NYTimes.com and came across a wonderful article that got me thinking. The title of the article is “Taiwan’s Progress on Health Care” by Uwe Reinhardt. It is an excellent read. It caught my eye because Fareed Zakaria wrote an article and did an hour long program on CNN that contrasted different countries’ approaches to healthcare. He included Great Britain, Switzerland (which is similar to Obamacare), and Taiwan. Uwe’s article reinforced my belief in a single payer system (Medicare for all) as the most efficient system. Many like to make the blanket statement that America has the best healthcare system in the world. After-all the international wealthy and heads of states from around the world come here for their treatment. That is true. The statement is shortsighted however. The United States of America has the best healthcare in the world money can buy. As American wages stagnate and healthcare prices inflate more and more … [Read more...]

Voter Suppression by Russell James


Last primary election a few months ago, I attempted to use my Federal issued Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) for purposes of voting ID. I was denied my right to vote using said (TWIC) ID. This TWIC card ID and my security clearances with work that I have done for the government, has allowed me clearance to go places I can't talk about. Had I not carried and presented my driver's license to the primary voting site as well, I would not gave been able to vote, even though I am eligible to do so. According to the recently passed voter ID law here in Texas (and in other Republican controlled states) my TWIC card would not qualify as legal ID for voting. There is now an injunction against enforcement of the new law. Why does this matter? Today, I voted in the primary runoff election and again attempted to use my Fed TWIC ID. I was allowed to use THIS time, because of the injunctive relief. However, given the moves and motivations of folks like Karl Rove, Dick Armey, the Koch Bros and their … [Read more...]

With Mitt Romney Remember Past Is Prologue by Terry Broussard


Past has always been prologue; and in Romney's case it foreshadows a looming disaster. Romney's cult waged war against the U.S. government in 1857; that is a documented fact. Why is it relevant? Because as he fails to offer anything other than well-rehearsed platitudes one can only conclude that there is a reason for this. Let’s take a look back at the landscape in these words from then president Buchanan: Their (Mormon) hostility to the lawful government of the country has at length become so violent that no officer bearing a commission from the Chief Magistrate of the Union can enter the territory or remain there with safety. . . . I accordingly ordered a detachment of the army to march for the City of Salt Lake - as a posse for the enforcement of the laws. - President James Buchanan's proclamation, Deseret News, June 16, 1858 Now take a look at then profit and territorial governor Brigham Young's response: We are invaded by hostile forces who are evidently assailing us to accomplish our overthrow and … [Read more...]

DEMOCRATS: This is What Happens When We Lose Elections


Dear Democrat, Dire. That’s the situation for Texas children. Texas ranks 44th in the nation on the overall well-being for children.  More than one in four children in our state lives in poverty. That’s the reality as published by a report from the Annie E. Casey foundation. That’s utter failure. But it’s also a reminder of what’s at stake. Elections are not just about who wins and who loses. They are about what happens to our loved ones as a result.  When we don’t win, the people for whom we fight suffer. And it’s unquestionable that our children are suffering as a result of Republican rule. These rankings are the results of Perry, Dewhurst, and their Republican buddies turning their back on our children. Republicans betrayed children by shutting down schools and by making it harder for kids to visit a doctor. There’s just too much at stake. When we don’t win, more than one in four children in our state live in poverty. When we don’t win, neighborhood schools … [Read more...]