March 29, 2015

Republican Turned Democrat Because Of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) & GOP Leadership Prejudice

imageI met Don Large at the Grand Opening of Cody Pogue’s, a local candidate for state representative in the Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita area, campaign office. I am hearing Don’s story repeatedly over and over. This may be due to me living in a mostly Conservative area, however as more factual information is put out there so that people can make up their own mind instead of being filtered by misleading, misguided, and mostly immoral smoke and mirrored information, I believe we will have an opinion swing.

As more Americans personalize ACA to their own person, their own families, and their own friends they will see that while very imperfect, it presents the necessary stepping stone to real humane Universal Healthcare.

When I posted this report to my CNN iReport channel I got a tweet response from an old Coffee Party friend, Mike Stafford who authored the book “An Upward Calling: Politics for the Common Good”. He sent this article that presented the moral dilemma of Conservatives that oppose the Affordable Care Act. Mike Stafford himself left the Republican Party with this scathing editorial.

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