Ever Doubted It’s Class Warfare -Romney Donor Says Lower Income Folk Don’t Get It

MittRomneyDonorStatementMany complain whenever we bring up the topic of class warfare. I wrote a book titled “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”. Many including some of our esteemed staff and fellow board members balked at the idea of presenting it to our membership. Many believe the topic may be a bit too combative or may I say uncivil.

Let me be clear, there is nothing uncivil in presenting information to ensure ones survival. The politics in our country today is the politics I grew up with in my home country of Panamá. Just as a large plurality and the voting majority in our country today are oblivious to what is occurring so still are most in my home country.

You see if you take the picture of the skyline of Panamá you would think you are in the most wealthy and modern cities in Latin America. There are beautiful skyscrapers that border the beeches. Walk 4 to 6 blocks in where the vast majority of the population lives and there is despair or a much lowered class of living.

So it is in America. For the last 30 years we have had the semblance of prosperity not because of increased wages but because in lieu of wage increases we got increases in our credit. We could buy and buy. But, as we bought more we continued to become indentured servants of the lenders, the titans of finance, the plutocracy.

What is sadder is that this plutocracy was more onerous. It also purchased the politicians who reduced taxes on them. That created huge budget deficits. The plutocracy did not see that as a problem. They just leant the money they received from the tax cuts right back to the government “we the people” at a secure interest rate.

Folks this is important. As the interest payments continue to grow we borrow even more. Now, even the government is maxed out. So what do they want to do? Make draconian cuts to middle class services (a reverse tax increase on the middle class). But what is more obscene is that they also want further tax cuts on the plutocracy and lax regulations.

The above scenario is fact. I did not attach the numbers but I researched all this in detail when I was writing my book. My question to you is this. IS THIS NOT CLASS WARFARE? Is this not a war on the middle class? Is this not the pilfering of the middle class?

I am not trying to get people riled up with no solution here. I had another post set to go up today but after seeing the attached video I became perturbed and felt compelled to write this blog post. This is how many of those on top that follow the Right Wing ideology really feel. For us to not first acknowledge this and react to it, puts our future, the future of the middle class in peril.

We must never listen to these things and feel impotent. While many states are trying to disenfranchise the middle class, we must understand that we still have a vote. While we still have the vote we must use it wisely and ensure we only vote for those politicians that will pass middle class centric policies.

It is not about getting mad or uncivil. It is about educating ourselves. It is about being empathetic to others. We must dig and search for valid, factual, and truthful information on our own and disperse it to our families, friends, and neighbors. It is about understanding that the mainstream media is filtered through the lens of the plutocracy and as such we must become the media. Leave your comments and remember to get your voices heard on one any of our radio shows.

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