Professor Stephen Davis & Egberto Willies Quoted In Kingwood Observer Front Page Article on Obamacare

Professor Stephen Davis, one of the local activists that formed the Occupy Kingwood movement was quoted in the article below on the Affordable Care Act. Last week I got a call from one of the writers from the Kingwood Observer as well for my opinion on the ultimate meaning of the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare for which I was more than happy to provided a detail quote. The quote was printed almost verbatim.

The article is a fine article. That said, given the opposing view that was printed above this article featuring the continual misinformation from Congressman Ted Poe, I am not sure that rehashing the Heritage Foundation’s opposing bullet points was necessary. Everyone must remember that Obamacare is Romneycare and followed the ideas from the Heritage foundation to keep a private insurance market. In other words, whereas Medicare for all would have been the most efficient model, President Obama acquiesced to the private insurance sector.

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