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It’s on.

The ballot is set. Our slate of candidates is chosen. With the primary runoff battles now settled, we turn our attention to the General Election. It starts…right now. Today. It does not begin November 6th, that is when it ends. Today is the first day of the General Election and time is already short. We are weeks away from choosing between two distinct and polar opposite directions for Harris County, our state, our nation and, it is no hyperbole, our world.

We know exactly what they are about. They want to return to the economic policies of President George W. Bush that created this mess. Massive breaks for those at the top at the expense of those in the middle class, abandoning more than 700,000 working people in Harris County who are uncertain daily where they will get their next meal.

They want immigration policy based on discriminatory laws like Arizona’s, with mass deportations and hopeless futures for young undocumented immigrants. GOP hostility towards Latinos runs so deep that their leaders – including their nominee for U.S. Senate Ted Cruz – call for an electric fence at the border and policies that crush their ability to find employment.

They claim their blatant assault on women is a fabricated myth, but consider: 20% of Texas women will go uninsured directly because of Governor Rick Perry’s decision not to expand Medicaid; the GOP’s overreaching push to control women’s reproductive health and family planning decisions; and that Republican Senator John Cornyn voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act which ended wage discrimination towards women.

A quick glance at the GOP platform reveals that they have a radical, menacing, fringe, right-wing agenda and the scariest part is that they can actually…win. Unless we stop them.
It is up to us. Do not be fooled by those who say that this is in anyone’s hands but ours. What you do or don’t do will determine whether we win or lose this election. We decide. We choose. Now. Today.

This is the day to start talking to your family, friends and neighbors. This is the day to volunteer time phonebanking, knocking on doors, and donating whatever amount you can afford to give. This is the day that we win this election. Right now. Today. It is on!

Think Progress,
Lane Lewis, Chairman

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Today, it is on!


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