Mitt Romney’s Plan For Our Middle Class

imageThe new jobs report is out today: 163,000 jobs created in July and 8.3% unemployment. Just when we’re reminded how badly we need more jobs and less sabotage, Mitt Romney is touting his economic plan to do the opposite. It comes on the heels of a new analysis — by a center he has praised as "objective" — that his tax plan would raise taxes on the entire middle class while lowering them for the rich.

In this economic recovery, our leaders’ top priority should be more jobs and ordinary Americans. But Mitt Romney’s plan for America is based on the simple idea that you have too much and he has too little.

He thinks the best way to put Americans back to work is by cutting jobs, educate our kids by laying off teachers, and level the playing field for small businesses by rigging it in favor of big corporations. This is his "middle class plan."

This is the same guy who would raise taxes on the entire middle class so he and his rich friends can pay even less. Mitt Romney thinks you have too much spending money and he doesn’t have enough. Elected leaders should put the American people ahead of themselves.


ATTACK: "Obama’s policies are stifling the recovery."

  • Our economy is growing again, but President Obama would be the first to say it’s not growing fast enough. Our businesses have created over 4 million new jobs in the past two years, but we’re not creating them fast enough.
  • But when Washington Republicans are this determined to keep millions of Americans jobless just to put one man — President Obama — out of work, how surprising is that?
  • That’s why we need leaders who care more about winning for America than winning for themselves. We need more jobs and less sabotage.

ATTACK: "Unlike Obama, Romney knows how to create jobs in the private sector."

  • Does Mitt Romney know how to make himself and Wall Street investors very rich? Absolutely. How to offshore American jobs to China? Yup. Is he a voice for working families? No way.
  • When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he claimed his corporate experience would help him create jobs. It didn’t. In fact, under Romney’s governorship, Massachusetts dropped to 47th out of 50 states on job creation.
  • Here’s what Mitt Romney knows about our economy: how to help Wall Street make millions off of businesses that fail and make working families pay more so millionaires like him pay less.
  • Americans need a president who fights for an economy that works for everyone. That means putting jobs ahead of maximizing profits for corporate executives and their wealthy investors.