Bryan Henry–Voting Republican in 2012 fundamentally different than one at any point in nation’s past

I picked up the Kingwood Observer today and was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful letter to the editor written by a Kingwood resident. It is imperative that everyone read and understand the basic tenet of Bryan Henry’s letter to the editor.

Bryan understands that charactering the utterances of fact as negative advertising is nothing but a ploy to leave mischaracterizations unanswered. This is not only patently false but it prevents the dispersing of information that voters need to make informed choices at the ballot box.

I love Bryan’s last paragraph:

I am curious what “civil discourse” means to the average American. Is it uncivil to tell people, honest terms, what a specific policy or idea will mean for them if it becomes law? Is it uncivil to point out facts? This is about as civil as I can be at this point: President Obama and the Democrats want to conserve Medicare, Social Security, public education, women’s rights, and the environment. Romney and Ryan want to reverse 100 years of progress. Voters need to know something: voting for the Republican Party in 2012 is fundamentally different from voting for the Republicans at any point in our nation’s past.

More of our citizens must take the time to inform our fellow citizens of truths that the media is leaving out of the sensible public dialog. Thank you very much Bryan. You are an asset to our knowledgeable asset to our community.

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