Democrats Beware! Todd Akin Need Not Resign. Obama Hate Would Have Republicans Vote for the Devil

I have come to the conclusion that Democrats are deluding themselves on the Todd Akin “Legitimate Rape” issue. I see Senator Claire McCaskill’s on TV attempting to help Todd Akin stay in the race. She believes he will be easy pickings.

The fact is that the Republican leadership have created an alternate state of reality on Liberals and Democrats that have made their Republican base have a visceral hate for President Obama, Liberals, and Democrats for all that they represent. As such they would vote for the devil if it meant the defeat of the above.

Groups like Coffee Party USA are attempting to have real dialogue without the loss of anyone’s values, morals, or core beliefs in order that we can at least find common ground. Hate is an irrational human deficiency. Until we can break that irrational hate by the Right via some sort of discourse we will not be able to effect good middle class policies.

Join my active iReport discussion on the topic. We need Liberal and progressive voices. The Right Wing is great at getting their folks, paid and unpaid in forums throughout the Internet. We must do the same. There are a lot of eyeballs watching.

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