A Canadian’s View On President Obama Disrespect

William Thomas

*+-Foreigner Discusses President Obama Disrespect My mother just sent me this Canadian article in an email and after reading it I felt compelled to find the source. Give it a read. It is enlightening in how some outside of our country see our politics our President Obama disrespect. It really gave me pause because his […]

Cody Pogue, Dist 127 TX State Rep Candidate Pickets Incumbent Dan Huberty Who Refuses To Debate


*+-District 127 Texas State Representative Democratic Candidate had contacted Dan Huberty several times to attempt to schedule a debate. All correspondence with incumbent Republican Texas State Representative Dan Huberty went unanswered. Supporters first stood Today in order to attempt to encourage a decision by Dan Huberty to debate, Cody Pogue along with some of his […]

President Obama Best Choice For All Americans by Egberto Willies–Kingwood Observer (2012-09-26)


*+-The following is my latest article to the Kingwood Observer. I want to thank the editors for running this article as I understand it will likely get a lot of pushback from many in our conservative community inasmuch as it is based on sound principles. I strongly believe if our newspaper editors allow the free […]