Democratic Convention Day 4 (Last Day)

2012-09-06_09-02-06_527Thursday is our big day. It is the day that our President Barack Obama takes center stage.

One could detect a new enthusiasm all over the convention and specifically in the Texas Delegation. Yesterday I interviewed random delegates and posted it in my Day 3 blog post.

Today I wanted to discuss President Obama’s signature accomplishment, The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). What was wonderful was to have three Democratic congresspersons willing to talk about it and defend it. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee gave a passionate defense and support of the bill. I asked her why it was that this type of personalized defense was not put forth throughout the debate. She told me to make sure I kept blogging about it.

Both Congressman Gene Green & Congressman Al Green gave a spirited defense of the bills as well. Congressman Al Green expressed the defense in moral terms while Congressman Gene Green expressed it more in economic terms.

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