Dr. Mona Mangat of Doctors for America Defines Obamacare For All To Understand

imageWhile blogging at the Democratic National Convention I was honored to have Dr. Mona Mangat of Doctors for America sit with me for an interview on the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare at The PPL. Dr. Mangat was excellent in defining our health care problems in an easy to understand language.

Dr. Mangat presented real world examples of reasons why Obamacare was necessary. As I told her, if more doctors who support the Affordable Care Act would speak out, the average American citizen would be more at ease with the new bill. After all, politicians’ credibility are at best suspect and as such the word of primary care physicians carry much more weight.

Listen to her interview. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable on all healthcare issues.

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