Fox News Caught Lying Again–Misleading Americans This Way Should Be Criminal

image I was at the gym yesterday killing myself on the elliptical machine in complete and utter pain. One of the monitors was on Fox News. I saw the “AMERICA’S NOT WORKING” graphic plastered on the screen and had to do a double take.

You see I study these numbers and knew it was bogus. Well note that Fox News corrected the chart today. They did it extremely quickly and without fanfare.

It is not hard to understand why Fox News’ viewers are some of the most uninformed. The problem is that the airwaves belong to us all and we should not allow news channels to patently lie like Fox News does.

False Graphics (2012-09-10)

Corrected Graphics (2012-09-12)

There is another blatant lie in the False Graphics. How can one possibly define unemployment rate for government workers. That is a bogus statement meant to mislead Americans into believing that the Obama administration is somehow biased to government employment. Unemployment is all encompassing. You cannot say government unemployment and private sector unemployment as every American can work in either sphere.

Anyone who watches Fox News is willfully allowing themselves to be misinformed. These are serious times where accurate and truthful information is imperative.


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Fox News To Issue Correction For Misleading ‘Fox & Friends’ Graphic On Unemployment

Posted: 09/11/2012 3:45 pm Updated: 09/11/2012 4:09 pm

Fox News will air a correction for a misleading graphic that appeared on Tuesday’s "Fox & Friends," Mediaite reported.

The program ran into some mathematical difficulty when it threw up a graphic about changes in the unemployment rate during President Obama’s tenure.

Liberal watchdog Media Matters noticed a discrepancy in the figures:

The show’s mistake was to compare the official unemployment figure in 2009 with the so-called "real" unemployment figure in 2012. That figure takes into account data which is not included in the official number, such as people who have stopped looking for work. Thus, it is always higher than the official figure. (Official unemployment is actually .3 percentage points higher than in 2009, while "real" unemployment is .7 percentage points lower.

Fox News told Mediaite that a correction will air on tomorrow’s "Fox & Friends."


Fox News To Issue Correction For Misleading ‘Fox & Friends’ Graphic On Unemployment