Fiesta Honoring Texas US Congress 2nd District Candidate Jim Dougherty A Resounding Success

InvitationOn Thursday September 13th, 2012 various members of the Kingwood Area Democrats co-hosted a Fiesta and fundraiser for Jim Dougherty. The event was graciously hosted at the home of Sam and Deborah Mowrey. As usual their hospitality was impeccable.

Jim Dougherty is the Democratic candidate running to replace Ted Poe in Texas US Congressional District 2. He showed a map of the very gerrymandered district. He stated that Kingwood made up about 27% of the district.

There were north of 50 people at the event all with their checkbooks open. The resolve was present to elect a representative from Texas that is no longer an embarrassment or the butt of Texas jokes that Ted Poe has become. It was refreshing to talk to a candidate that told the audience specifically that while he knows they were all donors that ultimately he intended to be his own man in making decisions when in Washington based on facts and his values.

The group which was very representative of the community, Democrats, Independents, and “disaffected Republicans” were very impressed with their one on one conversations with Mr. Dougherty. I have spoken to Mr. Dougherty many times and found that he is the middle of the road politician that will represent our district well. He understands that our district tends to be a conservative district and in governing will be attentive to their intrinsic values as well as the values of the district at large.

In listening to him it is evident that he will compromise within parameters to ensure what is best for both our district and our country. Make no mistake, Jim Dougherty will make US Congressional District 2 a proud representative. We cannot allow the faux patriotism of Ted Poe another two years of misinforming the district and causing material harm to many of its residents. We must elect Jim Dougherty on November 6th, 2012

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