Romney Disses Base Republicans: Red States 10 Highest Welfare Recipient, Blue States 10 Least

When GOP policies are anathema to their base these realities show the hypocrisy of the Republican Elite and the willful ignorance of the Republican base.

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Romney Doesn’t Care About Half of America—The GOP Half!

September 18, 2012 By Eric Sapp 1 Comment

Lots has been said and lots more will be said about the glimpse into Romney’s soul we got from his candid remarks at a closed door fundraiser.  It’s mind-boggling and scary that anyone hoping to be President of the United States would be willing to so absolutely dismiss half of America as lazy victims who will never be able to be “convinced to take personal responsibility of their own lives.”

There are so many problems with that statement that I could never hope to tease them all out in a single post.  It shows us what Romney really thinks about regular workers and families, and it’s scary.   But what is perhaps most disappointing about Romney’s prejudices and dismissal of regular Americans–and especially American families struggling to make ends meet—is that he is just completely wrong in his assumptions.

The group he is dismissing as politically unimportant and socially worthless is mostly Republican!  With the exception of swing state Florida, the top 10 states with the highest percentage of the population not paying income taxes are the reddest states in the country.  And when you look at who doesn’t pay in Flordia (retirees and lower-income workers in the panhandle), most of them are Republicans too.  The red states in the map below aren’t  “Red” because they are so Republican.  They are red to show they are the states with the most families Romney doesn’t believe its his job to worry about and who will never be convinced to take responsibility for their own lives.  If you look closely, you’ll see that the trend continues with states 11-15 and so-on as well.



Romney Doesn’t Care About Half of America—The GOP Half!