Jon Stewart Identifies the 47% – Even Mitt Romney’s Dad Was On Welfare (VIDEO)

imageAfter doing some deep thinking last night I woke up this morning ready to write an article for the Kingwood Observer that was going to give a compelling reason why I thought President Obama must be reelected lest the middle class be further decimated. My passion and the passion of many of us in political activism are the middle class and access to being in the middle class.

As I See It(Check It Out)As usual I did my morning browse on the latest news and the reality is there was no real national news other than the President solidifying a small lead in the likely voter national polls as well as in the swing states. But then I came upon the Jon Stewart Daily Show videos and after watching it I thought instead of presenting my readers with the article I was putting together, I would provide factual and funny information via Jon Stewart. We all deserve some time for levity. As I have mentioned before, our satirists and comedians seem to be doing more analysis and fact checking research than most of our mainstream news media.

I figured that Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe had lived through its last news cycle (though it must live in everyone’s psyche since it illustrates Mitt Romney’s plutocratic thinking modal). Jon Stewart gives the story new legs in an amusing manner.

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