Christian defaces Obama sign w/ ‘nig**r lover’, local GOP apologizes


Christian defaces Obama sign w/ ‘nig**r lover’, local GOP apologizes

imageMore details have emerged about the small business owner in McKinney, Texas who had her Obama 2012 sign vandalized with "NIG**R LOVER, and Obama Sucks Dick!" on one side and "Romney & Ryan" "Christian, white, anti-gay" and finally "Republicans rule!" on the other side. Her sign was later stolen from her yard, and the local GOP leadership apologized profusely bringing hope and helping to teach a lesson to all involved.

The story was originally broken by Egberto Willies and quickly became national news. Many shook their heads in disgust at this as just another example of the divisiveness of this election season and of politics in general.

As it happens the owner of the sign, who for privacy reasons only wishes to be known as Cassy, is a member of the political discussion forum I administrate.

Cassy is an active and proud Democrat. She wrote:

I support the President because he believes in all people, he prefers diplomacy to bombs, and he is part of the party of inclusion, not exclusion. I support him because he believes that food and medicine for our kids shouldn’t be put on the table for cuts before tax breaks for big corporations. I support him because he supports my right to determine what I do with my body and what my daughter someday chooses to do with hers.

First, it seems that after the sign was vandalized a camera was installed which caught what appeared to be a white male in his 40s stealing the yard sign. That footage has been passed on to police and many interested parties await their findings.


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