March 30, 2015

Cody Pogue, Dist 127 TX State Rep Candidate Pickets Incumbent Dan Huberty Who Refuses To Debate

imageDistrict 127 Texas State Representative Democratic Candidate had contacted Dan Huberty several times to attempt to schedule a debate. All correspondence with incumbent Republican Texas State Representative Dan Huberty went unanswered. Supporters first stood

Today in order to attempt to encourage a decision by Dan Huberty to debate, Cody Pogue along with some of his supporters attended a rally of encouragement to entice Dan Huberty to debate. Cody Pogue and his supporters first stood at the corner of West Lake Houston Blvd by his office at 4501 Magnolia Cove. They then marched to the front of his building where Cody gave a speech about our democracy and Dan Huberty’s responsibility to debate. Cody Pogue stated that whether Dan Huberty decide to debate or not a debate will occur with an empty chair if necessary.

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