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After having a civil exchange with several of my Right Wing friends at the gym this week, I wrote a blog post titled “Are You A Traitor Or A Patriot – Your Vote In This Election Will Decide”. In the pre log to the post I made the following statement:

If you knowingly cause harm to your country because of willful ignorance are you accountable? If you are accountable then isn’t a knowingly detrimental vote to one’s country an unpatriotic act?”.

Because I knew the title was pushing the Coffee Party civility envelope I stayed pasted to the post on Facebook to take some of the heat I expected. Some of the stock Coffee Party members thought the comment was not within the civil discourse we attempt to foment.Others were in complete agreement. In the comments I apologized to those who thought it went over the top.

I want to discuss this topic within the context of our election specifically and our body politic in general. I hope you all will call in to discuss. I also want you to think about this question; “Can the truth be the victim of civility?” “Can unabashed civility be detrimental to political relevance & viability?“

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