Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-10-06)

The physical temperature is starting to cool down here in Texas. The political temperature however is increasing. With that the resolve of movements like Occupy Kingwood, Coffee Party USA, Move To Amend, Be Your Government, and others are more important than ever.

Saturday was our 42nd Occupy Kingwood and counting. We intend to continue through the election and through the fiscal cliff to ensure the voice of the middle class is heard locally. These movements are decentralized and national in scope and will continue till we really get our government back from the hands of corporations and the well to do, The American Plutocracy.

It was great having Kevin and Jeanine Higgins back after their vacation (which I understand included a lot of wine drinking). Dr. John Theis had a rare absence but we were rewarded by Tara bringing new people. That is what is great with our movement, we continue to grow.

Next week we hope to see many more of our Kingwood Area Democrats in participation as we had very few of our Democrats out there this week.

We had a very positive confrontation with a man that responded to my op-ed in the Kingwood Observer. I posted a blog on this here.

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