Jon Stewart deconstructs Mitt Romney’s promises/lies–Journalists no longer serve their purpose (VIDEO)

imageI am convinced we no longer need the journalists from CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, or NBC. After all we have Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart in his funny way deconstructs Mitt Romney’s promises and lies in a very straight forward manner. Mitt Romney is promising to keep all the great things people want in Obamacare, lower taxes than the working person on all capital gains, mortgage deductions, charitable contributions, building a new navy, increasing the military, and at the same time balance the budget and reduce the deficit.

There are two things. Bush said most of that and did most of those things, sans the paid for Obamacare and crashed our economy with hardly any job growth and huge deficits. The final video is great as FDR talks about guys like Romney and Bush. His words of years past us still so prescient and representative of what the Republican Party continues to be.

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